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Working at TRINITI

We are a team that values each member’s contribution. We truly respect everyone’s uniqueness and working style. Results are crucial, but you can reach them in your own way.

Striving for our clients’ success is difficult, but work is not everything. We respect the work-life balance and invest in employees’ mental health and other activities that help them recharge.

Your personality is as important and interesting as your professional skills. At TRINITI, we are not afraid of being human and open. We share our interests in regular team building activities, events or travel abroad.

We understand that success is led by constant improvement. Here you will get a wide scope of opportunities to foster your professional development in leading market training or from your colleagues’ guidance.

We value future-readiness

We are motivated and intrigued by the future changes that are taking place today and keenly anticipate tomorrow.

Our team members are actively interested in business and legal trends. By combining our collective curiosity and legal expertise we ensure our clients’ future readiness.

We expect dedication to great service

Our practice is not just legal know-how, but a comprehensive practical approach to successful business development.

We ask ourselves what we would expect if we were a client. So we seek strong ownership and demand for quality from each team member.

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We always consider interns

Everything can be learned if there is a desire.

Here you can start your career from zero to hero. We are constantly looking for young talent. With our team, you will have every opportunity to get acquainted with different areas of law and find which one is your passion.

For our internship program, please contact our TRINITI Vilnius, Riga or Tallinn offices, depending on your country of residence.

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